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Ohio Cattlemen’s Association and
National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Membership Form

To print, complete and mail the OCA-NCBA Membership Form, download the following form -

OCA-NCBA Membership Form OCA-NCBA Membership Form (164 KB)

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First Name: *
Operation Name: *
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OCA Cattle Owning Producer Member Dues

1-50 Head $60
51-150 Head $95
151 & over $150

Club Calf*
Commercial Cow/Calf
Freezer Beef
Seedstock* -- Breed(s)
 *Marking these selections will ensure
your operation will be listed in The Ring

Yes, I would you like to receive

1-100 Head $100
101-250 Head $200
251-500 Head $300
501-1,000 Head $400 + Fair Share
1,001-1,500 Head $550 + Fair Share
1,501 & Up $750 + Fair Share
# Cow/Calf * x $0.25 = 0
# Stocker/Feeder * x $0.125 = 0
Fair Share:
  (Select only if "OCA Cattle Owning Producer Member Dues" does NOT apply to you)
OCA Associate Member $60
OCA President’s Club Member $100
OCA/NCBA Associate Member $160
OCA/NCBA President’s Club Member $210

Member's Name
OCW Member (Ohio CattleWomen) $15
OCW/ ANCW Member (American National CattleWomen) $90

Payments of OCA membership dues are tax deductible for most members as an ordinary and necessary business expense. Complying with the tax law, OCA estimates that 8% of the dues payment is not deductible as an expense because of OCA’s direct lobbying activities on behalf of its members. Charitable contributions or gifts to OCA are not tax deductible for federal income tax purposes.

All OCA members will receive the Ohio Cattleman magazine, the OCA Cattlegram newsletter, The Ring Directory and the OCA Calendar.

NCBA members will a National Cattleman magazine, weekly e-mail newsletters, winter and summer meeting producer services, board representation via state affiliate, may represent state affiliate in committee meetings and on the Board of Directors, participation in member business meetings and representation in Washington D.C.

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